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Seien Girls' High School is a private school in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka prefecture, and provides 6 years of consistent education from junior high to senior high. Hamamatsu city is located on the Tokaido road halfway between Tokyo and Osaka, and is known as the birthplaces and/or headquarters of many international companies such as HONDA, SUZUKI, and YAMAHA. It has developed as a "city of musical instruments and motorcycles". Our school in Hamamatsu has consistently pursued opportunities for women's education, under the spirit upon which the school was founded, just as it was originally established by its founder.

The tradition of a 100 years of Women's Education

photoIn 1906, in the generation of male chauvinism, Iwao Okamoto (1867-1942) established a private women's school with the goal of nurturing excellent "mothers", through his principle that "the first educator of any great and wise person is his mother." There were 8 teachers and 25 students in the beginning.

100 years later, and even though times have changed, that same spirit that led to the foundation of the school, "the person of the future lies in the heart of a woman", continues on in the daily educational activities of many teachers and students, and has built a history of unique women's education consisting of the human education of a person's entire resources. Seien Girls' High School is now firmly established as one of the best private schools in Japan and currently has 1,200 students, 96 teachers, and 24,000 graduates.

Educational Policy

1. We nurture strong-willed women.

As we enter the 21st century, the role played by women in society is growing. Female leaders and those in administrative positions are needed more than ever. By providing experience in an all women's group as the leader of that group, or as a member who cooperatively works with the leader, our students are trained to use their strong will for the future in order to contribute to society.

2. We teach women to be refined and graceful.

While men and women may have equal rights, it cannot be said that they have the same qualities, just as there are masculine and feminine differences. We believe that learning to be gentle and graceful is the foundation of femininity, and is important, not only as a way of living as a woman, but also for the improvement of morality in society as a whole. Being taught to be refined, to use proper and thoughtful speech, and to be graceful is appropriate for any generation, regardless of the changes in current trends.

3. We encourage women to develop their potential.

In order to survive in society, "Living Independence"- the ability to do things on one's own, "Economic Independence"- the ability to support oneself, and "Mental Independence"- the ability to make conscientious decisions based on one's own thinking, are vital. Through a career guidance program that considers one's entire life course, Seien Girls' High School teaches how to live up to one's potential according to these three Independences.

Features of Education

1. Heart Education- Training oneself in the dojo of youth

The "dojo" of martial arts is not just the hall where techniques are taught. It is also where spirit is learned. We call Seien the "Dojo of youth", and emphasize the education of the heart. Through our original program, students can learn to distinguish between right and wrong, and acquire social manners, true etiquette, and a graceful way of living as a person. photo

2. Human Education in response to Internationalization- Australia Study Tour (all 3rd year junior high students)

Our junior High School, in response to the internationalization of our society, conducts an Australia study tour for all third year junior high students, teaching them to respect others, and how to coexist with other nationalities and nature. In preparation for that, beginning with the first year of junior high school, "English Conversation" classes are held by native English speaking teachers for 1 hour each week, in addition to our regular English classes. Also, during the second year of junior high school, each class conducts a preparatory study with a different theme related to Australia, and presents its results. photo

3. Career and Educational Guidance- Course System aimed towards attending a university

School goals are set for both junior high and senior high, and along with the development of educational guidance adjusted to each age, in-depth career guidance according to the wide range of desires of each student is given. English and mathematics classes during junior high school are conducted under a system of small groups divided into each course. Furthermore, class composition during the third year of junior high school is arranged according to academic ability.
In our senior high school, a course system has been adopted that provides many various original curricula, in preparation for higher education in a physical education or art major, as well as in a humanities and science major at a national or public university or college, or a humanities and science major at a private university or college, and guidance so the students can directly get into a university after graduation. This has led to positive achievements for us as a preparatory school for higher education.

4. Aesthetics Education- A good environment fosters a rich heart

By creating an environment that harmonizes the flowers, natural surroundings, and buildings in order to properly reflect a "learning paradise", a rich heart can be fostered in one's daily life, and developed to love nature. Furthermore, opportunities to pursue the development of an aesthetic character are provided through first-hand experiences, such as listening to a lecture by celebrities, or learning music appreciation through the invitation of famous musicians. photo

5. Curriculum that uses the freedom afforded to private schools to the full

Public schools are somewhat restricted with regards to curriculum and special activities, but private schools are given some "latitude" according to the actual spirit in which the school was built. At Seien, the effective use of this latitude has ensured that the contents of the lessons and the class hours are fully adjusted for university attendance, that the curriculum is organized in a way to increase the intelligence and achievement level of each student, and that classes are carried out according to a "6 year, consistent syllabus". photo


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